Cycle Journal 2022


This journal takes you on a journey to your wild, cyclical nature and helps you to connect to yourself and the power that lies in following your unique rhythm!

Your menstrual cycle is a road map to your creative expression in this world and invites you in each new beginning cycle to embody who you are becoming. Knowing who you are and what you need at different points in your cycle is a pathway of self-empowerment and self-love.

This journal guides you through 2022 with twelve cycle wheels that are aligned with the moon phases. Each wheel gives you insight into the patterns your menstrual cycle shows and at the same time connects you deeply to the rhythm of nature.



This journal is for you if…

  • you want to develop a loving relationship with your body
  • you want to get to know your cycle and establish a tracking routine
  • you want to plan your life accroding to your cycle and make the most of the different phases of your cycle
  • you want to practice nourishing self-care
  • you want to learn how cycle awareness can support intuition, self-love and trust
  • you want to become aware of your creative energy
  • you want to align yourself to the lunar phases and experience the power of the moon


Curious? Have a look inside.


Every journal plants a tree

Our bodies are extensions of the beautiful earth body. We are deeply connected to nature's rhythm of rest and activity. The seasons are mirrored in the four phases of the cycle. It is time to listen to our bodies again and appreciate mama earth as a place of nourishment, pleasure and joy. It is time to protect and give back to her for all she offers us.

Cycle awareness and earth consciousness go hand in hand.

That is why Weaving Cycles is restoring our planet with TreeSisters. We are donating for each sold journal one tree that will be planted by TreeSisters. TreeSister works to transform both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. They offer unique global programs that focus on encouraging women's leadership and Nature-connection. Find out more here.  

With the purchase of one journal you are supporting reforestation. 


What others say...

This journal has to come with a spiritual warning. Only write what you want to come true as there is some kind of deep feminine magic inside. Whatever I write comes true. This journal is for those who are wanting to heal and transform, come into intimacy and true connection with themselves and their cycle. Lou

Using the journal really grounds me each day into the magic of the cycle. I have loved using it and couldn't imagine cycling without it now. Thank you, Dörte! Karen 

This journal is more than a menstrual cycle tracker. Dörte’s words are wise and the illustrations are very beautiful and powerful. This book is actually a ritual item! Recommended for every woman! Susy


I use this journal for my daily mindfulness practice and love that it really sparks my creativity. I also like the quality of the paper and the layout of the journal. Pam

The journal has helped me have a better relationship with my cycles. Rachel


What's inside?

  • 12 cycle wheels aligned with the new moon and beautiful illustrations that capture different aspects of womanhood, illustrations by Charlotte Boer
  • daily and monthly pages for reflection and questions that invite you to connect with your cyclical process
  • 12 pages to tap into your creativity 
  • 2 pages to creativity express your womb wisdom
  • 2 pages with all the lunar phases of 2022 (January 2022 to December 2022) that give you a deeper understanding of the cycle-moon relationship 
  • 1 page to help you tune into the lunar energy
  • 1 page for channeling your 2022 vision
  • information about the menstrual cycle and cyclical living

Two bonus videos will arrive shortly after your purchase in your mailbox. 
1. How to track your cycle, use this journal and more helpful information
2. How to set up a journaling practice that sticks and is fun

The journal starts on January 2nd 2022 with the first lunar cycle in 2022.

The journal is also available as download in the shop.