Weaving Cycles 2020 – download your journal

For 2020 the journal is also available as download. Print your own journal for more space for daily reflections! After purchasing the download you will be delivered a link to a pdf file, which you can print at your convenience.



Weaving Cycles combines calendar and diary and supports women creatively in the conscious experience of the menstrual cycle and menopause. The journal works on the principle of twelve annual lunar cycles, to help attain a deeper understanding of your own cyclic nature and solidarity with all rhythms in life. The representation of the individual cycles as a wheel aims to illustrate that everything in life moves in a circle. The journal offers information about the menstrual cycle and provides space for daily reflection of physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings. At the end of each lunar cycle, questions and a creative page invite further reflections.
Through the daily, attentive observation of your own rhythm, and subsequent connection to the body, you can deepen and promote a loving relationship with you and your own needs.